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Thread: Tiny Brown from the Caney

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    *Stonefly-sorry that your thread got side-tracked...

    Fellas, I would agree that TWRA has lacked in enforcement on the Clinch in previous years. I think this was due to lack of resources and personnel spread too thin. However; last year and this year have been different stories. I have been checked about 5 times on the Clinch this year. It does not bother me one bit to get checked.

    Now; I do wish they would show up early and get the fish mongers at the weir dam and clear creek...I'd say noonish...
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    Agreed Shawn, there aren't enough officers, they have huge territories & to many things to cover.
    It's the same thing on the Caney, the poachers know their routine & take advantage of it.


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    My experience is I tend to run into ol ranger smith near peach orchard, almost always from his boat. He has made a couple of appearances around the weir but I don't think he likes running into me much. I always give him h*ll about the browns dying on the weir every fall and what they intend to do about it
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