The Clinch access at Miller's ramp is still under construction, getting in the water changes daily with the work being done. I am assuming the project will be winding up soon at least for one of our biggest events of the year on the river, the Clinch River Trout Unlimited sponsors "" Kids Fish Free Day '' on June 7th. This event in partnership with TWRA and other groups draws a big crowd and access to the water is of course very important. Each day rock is being added to the shoreline, building a sort of rip rap that makes getting in a scramlbe over loose rock. Tuesday night was a muddy mess with the dirt being added but last night a thick layer of straw had been added with grass to follow I am guessing.

The time has come in the last few days and the bug of choice is making it's appearance. I had spotted some light hatches in the past couple of weeks with the warmer temps but last night there was no doubt.

The hardest part is tying the tippet on! I like to use 10XXsmall

The flows have been a little strange with changes in schedule occuring even mid day yesterday, maybe due to lake still being low above dam and the amount of rain anticipated the past couple of days not arriving. Please check the schedule at TVA website before you go.

If you fish the Clinch regularly you may have been lucky enough to see the deer cross the river. Usually a buck will come out of nowhere first sniff it out and the does follow at a fast clip.

Here is one midstream last night!

This is a reprint from the other night, the dirt pile on the left is now leveled out with a wall of rock down to the water about 3ft tall and straw on top similiar to other side of ramp.


The fishing last night was ok, got in about 6pm fished until 8pm, four browns all too small to take a picture. Still big fun slinging drys and a few wet, beats mowing the yard. Oh crap still gotta mow the yard, should have put a deer in the car and let him mow it while I work!