I and two friends originally planned to camp in Smokemont last weekend. With a 75% chance of rain and 38 degree lows, we wimped out and rented a cabin in Townsend. I can do cold ... or rain ... but not cold and rain.

We arrived in Townsend about 1:00 p.m. and headed straight to Tremont. Upon arrival there were lots of bugs hatching and fish rising. I didn't have much luck with the yellow neversink caddis, but switched to a yellow sallie pattern from LRO. That was the ticket. I caught about 6 in an hour and missed numerous fish. Then, a brief thunderstorm passed through. The rain put down the hatches and slowed the surface action some. I caught a few more on a light cahill emerger and a soft hackle pheasant tail.

Saturday, we fished the West Prong in the morning. All of the likely runs had small, eager rainbows. Almost everything in the morning was caught on soft hackle pheasant tails. It rained at lunch time, so we took an extended break at Little River Barbecue. After lunch, we fished the East Prong of the Little River about a mile or two below the Sinks. Nobody caught anything or saw any rising fish. We salvaged the day by going back to Tremont, catching a few on yellow sallies, even though there were no obvious hatches.

My fishing was much better than my friends. I think it makes a huge difference to stay out of the water, and to hide from the fish as much as possible. Of course, my knees are still killing me from all that crouching and climbing.

Overall, the weather was much better than expected and the fishing was very good. I would love to be on the Middle Prong today. I would think the yellow sallies are out in force, and the pressure is low.