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    Hi All,

    Anthony Hipps taught a great popper class at the shop Saturday. Everyone loved it. Anthony did a super job. Many of you probably know him, especially if you attend FFF Conclaves.

    After the class, Tom Kubota showed us his collection of poppers from some of the GREAT popper makers from the South. I saw some excellent examples made by one of the well known popper makers from our region, Walt Holman. I know Walt and I've seen some of his work, but this collection included bugs like I've never seen.

    The real pros, like Anthony, Tom Kabota, Chris Helm, Walt, Gary Troutman, Kent Edmonds and Dean Campbell are really fun to watch. Making poppers is fun to do. Fishing with them is even better.


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    Making poppers is truly an art form. I tie excellent trout flies and streamers, but am sub par at poppers.

    I'm obsessed with poppers, and really have a ton of respect to the masters of making them.

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