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Thread: 6/5/14 Brook trout

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    Default 6/5/14 Brook trout

    After driving a couple miles on a gravel road I got to the trailhead and hiked a mile and a half up to where a stream flows into the main river. From there I started fishing the tributary upstream. When I caught fish in the first three pools I knew it was going to be a good day. One pool I fished (that wasn't that big) I caught five out of it and missed a sixth! I did catch one rainbow that was suprisingly large for a stream this size but he flopped away before I could take a picture.

    First fish

    A really colorful one

    I caught a bunch like this guy

    One of the bigger pools I fished

    I took a break on the hike out and caught this last fish in the main stream. This was one of the days where you completely lose count! Better yet I caught every single one on a dry fly. I definitely need to make a return trip to this stream.

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    My posts are worthless without pictures

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    Great looking brook trout.

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    Default Awesome report!

    Great pics and a great report! Looks like you had a really good day. Thanks for sharing! What kind of fly were you using?


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    I started with a neversink caddis but quickly lost it. I changed to a parachute adams and stuck with it for the rest of the day.

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    Thanks for posting! Keep the posts coming.

    I thought I knew right where you were fishing, then the Rainbow threw me off. Then I'm pretty sure I figured it out.

    If it's where I think it is, those first set of pools are truly awesome
    Where you on the bigger or smaller tributary after the hike? And what day did you fish?

    If you were on the bigger tributary, that's where Nathan and I fished Friday. The water level seemed to recover a bit after the rain on Thursday. We saw Boot prints in a few sandy places that had been partially washed out from the rain but were probably from Tues or Wed. If you were on the smaller trib ignore the last part
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    Those weren't my boot prints. I fished the smaller tributary on Thursday.

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