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    Well, I suppose I was inspired from Friday, so I went fishing again today. I had hoped there would be rain to give the water some color, but it was pretty dry today. I went to a small appalachian stream that has both wild and stocked fish. It's a relatively small stream.

    I caught about 30 with most in the 8-12 inch range. All but five of them were rainbows, about 10 stocked and the rest wild. There were fish almost everywhere there should be, but a couple pools had obviously been hammered. In them I didn't get a strike. The nice thing about this stream is that the trout strike so slowly, that they make me think I haven't lost anything on my reflexes. Best I could tell, I only missed four today. I caught all of the trout on a nymph except for one on a dry.

    By far, this was the fish of the day…

    This wild brown (another in the 17 inch range) had no visible red spots that I could tell. It was a good day to fish.

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    You seem to be on a Browny Hot Streak

    I know that's something I could easily get used to

    Thanks for another post
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