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I established a policy of never leaving the river under any circumstance after blundering into 6 before lunchtime. In some of the other streams over there I would swim through the deep bottomless pools just to avoid getting out on dry land.

Folks who know me, know I'm not scared of snakes and actually like them. However the numbers over there were dangerous and I just let them have the dry land
I'm about the same except I haven't started swimming the larger pools yet. Don't really mind the snakes as long as they don't sneak up on me. Today I turned around when I ran into a big pool that I couldn't easily get around. Maybe next time I'll leave the camera, etc., at home and wear swimming trunks and just take off. I do stay off of the banks as far as possible and when I do get up on the banks I move very slowly with a lot of noise and stomping of feet... Saw a big dead rattler on the side of the road on the way out today...