We have completed the program schedule for the 2015 WWW/Southern Trout Fly Fishing Fair for January 31st at the LeConte Center. It's a great line up that I will share as soon as the time slots are locked in. The Southeastern FFF is sending a cadre of certified casting instructors along with a casting pool. We've got enough room for a lot of table set-ups. If you are a guide, outfitter, tier, shop, or organization who would like a table set up at the Fair, please let me know. I am not sure how many they will allow us to have, but it's my understanding we have the entire front hall. At this time there is no charge for the tables, nor is there an admission charge to the Fair.

Last year was a tremendous success. We discussed taking the Fair to two days, but settled on a second one-day event to get things moving smoothly. Assuming we do not fumble the ball this year, I am pretty sure the Fair will be a two day event in 2016. We are also very open to partnering with Project Healing Waters and/or Casting For Recovery, so if you are involved with either, contact me at don@southerntrout.com

Lastly, this week or next I anticipate seeing the first copies of Flies and Hatches of the Great Smoky Mountains. Talk about stirring up a hornet's nest. I think this book will offend everyone who has an opinion about fly patterns. I am counting on it creating an old time country brawl. I will be in hiding the first two months it is out.