Thursday I got to get out on the Clinch with Freddie and Vic. Vic has pretty sweet private access to some nice water and he did a great job of showing us around.

Freddie pretty much took me under his wing and taught me most of what I know about Smokies fishing. We have been on many an adventure in the past 4-5 years and I always seem to learn something from him.

Freddie met Vic years ago when he would often visit here to fish our tail waters from his home in California. Eventually Vic moved here and spends as much time on the tail waters as any guide I know. He is an excellent fisherman and teaches at the Orvis in Sevierville. He was kind enough to really work with me. While I fish tailwaters alright when I'm positioned perfectly, I often have trouble when I need to constantly mend my line over multiple currents. He also has a technique where he can shake out line downstream for 40-50 yards without ever even twitching the indicator. While I in know way killed them this day, I had a decent day with 8 fish and a slam.

The Smokies fisherman in Freddie had him working all around so I quickly lost track of what he was up to, but as always Vic catches the bigger fish.

Thanks for the schooling and a great day