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Thread: Hungry Brown!!!

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    Thumbs up Hungry Brown!!!

    I've seen some interesting things that trout have spit out before. Half digested shad during the shad kill on the Caney? Yep. A mouthful of earthworms after a heavy rain? Check. However, I had never caught a fish with another fish sticking out of its throat, until yesterday that is.

    After finishing up another half day guide trip, I headed up to fish in the afternoon. Not too long after starting, I hooked a feisty brown that was somewhere between 10-12 inches, and after getting it in the net I noticed that its mouth didn't look right. A quick glance showed a tail protruding out of its throat that was nearly as large as its own tail! Even more amazing is that this fish swirled once on my nymph and then ate on the 2nd drift. Talk about a hungry brown!!!

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    Looks like a little rainbow! That's awesome

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    That is wild! ...if you'll pardon the pun . I imagine Fisheries would like to know about this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeFred View Post
    That is wild! ...if you'll pardon the pun . I imagine Fisheries would like to know about this.
    They know. We found a dead sculpin in another creek earlier this year and Matt kulp's answer was basically that they are "good brown trout food" (the specimen was decomposed enough we didn't know off hand what sort of alien fish we were looking at....)

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    Sweet! Always something new each visit to the Smokies.

    I found a huge salamander in a rainbow at Roaring Fork a few years back. It looked like it was choking!
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    Quick everyone call LRO and see if any sculpin tying material is left! Ducky your gonna have to hold off on those green weeinies and get crackin on sculpin. Thanks David for the Lion King circle of life shot!
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