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    after a couple kids and couple family deaths i am finally able to do some fishing. me and the wife with the baby and boys have rented a cabin between cosby and gatlinburg. i love brookie (speck) fishing, small creeks camo and sneaking is me but i have never got to catch a wild brown, i have caught stocked browns but never a wild. it is my goal so with where i will be staying where do you suggest i try, i dont want to leave the wife with the kids by herself or make them sit on bank watching, maybe long 3-4 hours at most. where would you suggest? i thought about going to cherokee one day, oconoluftee or bradley fork? never fished nc side before, would it worth it park fish a couple places, anybody suggest a couple places, no secret places though a 3 in fish in a mud hole would tickle me to death, its all about the hunt not the kill. also i was planning on nymph fishing them 2 high stick nymph rig or should i just go with drys? thank yall

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    If going to Cherokee, Bradley Fk. I suggest LR at Ellmont due to time constraints. Leave Cosby at dawn to avoid traffic.
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    I suggest you go park at the Little River trailhead. You start fishing there behind the old vacation homes or fish Jakes Creek. There are browns up there but you'll catch rainbows 10 to 1 over browns. Your wife and kids can hang out on the trail and/or walk around and look at the old homes.

    I've not had great success on the Bradley Fork...most likely due to user error.

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    I catch browns often anywhere on little river above the sinks. Just fish nymphs deep, practically on the bottom. Given a few trips up, you'll get your brown. Wild browns are my favorite fish to catch, I find them even prettier than the specs!

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