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Thread: 3 Different Rivers

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    Default 3 Different Rivers

    Returned from a long drive to West Point , NY and had to get back to the water. With older brother now out of the nest the younger two wanted to hit the river. The laughing was incredible and a small brown trout made for an even better day with the boys and dog.

    Abbey had a good day as well on the river!!! She was like this most of the drive home.

    Nice brown on streamers.

    My boat don't have any leaks but a lot of water ended up in the boat. The water temp caused a lot of condensation from being 44 degrees. Good for trout!!

    Good to be back home and on the water.

    Thank You,


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    Thanks for the post

    Lets get out there soon. We still need to go chase some Brookies
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    Great shots Breck, glad your back on the water, your dog be funnY!
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    I love your posts! I've been obsessed with tying big articulated streamers and have had some success landing a couple slot limit browns and a 22" on the clinch as well as a wild 20" on little river but that's in the midst of many days being skunked in the past year. I don't have a boat though, what would recommend for me to get into more fish on big streamers?

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    I never landed a Brownie like you without a boat, so my hat goes off to you for those fish while wading!!! Getting skunked is part of the deal throwing nothing but articulated streamers. I am hunting tail throwing big meat!!! It's the path I've chosen and will share with you my trials and tribulations.

    Everything I know, I have learned from the guides and guys on this forum, then onto the water.

    Email me with your contact info.

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