Let me start by saying there will be no pictures of giant rattlers on this post, unlike David Knapp I stayed nice and safe on the road yesterday!
I knew the storm was coming but wanted to fish with a side benefit of cold water on an extremely hot day.

I knew the water was going to be low, but to tell you the truth I do not mind low water, one I cannot do anything about it so you need to learn to adjust to those conditions, and second I use those times to learn stream structure so when it comes back up I know the zip code where they live! I sight cast most of the time even in the Clinch so almost seems normal with low water and I go about my business as usual.

I was also wanting to try a dry/nymph rig method I do not normally use, so I tried that and I think I will use in the future at times. Like most I normally tie my dropper off the dry hook, but yesterday used the tag end off the dry eye and added an extra foot and tied on the nymph to the tag, maybe my imagination but seemd to have less tangles in varying water types, will keep testing and let you know.

I have been using most of the summer either a yellow sally or stimulator on top and a small prince off the back and doing OK with it so continued with the only difference in some fast water changed to a yellow neversink for the top.

I was not expecitng much as I messaged to DWT, hot temps, low water, storm on the way, perfect Smokies condition! I actually did all right with five fish, 3 to hand and 2 lost when I flipped them off as they got close.

The largest of the 3 to hand, this was the slickest bow I have held all year, like he came with olive oil already on!

Rub-a-Dub-Dub- how bout even a river chub, felt like a trout, even had some fight till I got him close than he just kinda gave up!

Beautiful afternoon, than started clouding up about 6PM, I almost made it home before this area got hammered thru the night, hope everyone is safe and no storm damage where you live.