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    Hi All,

    I've been fishing for many years... mainly rivers in Colorado where I grew up, Ohio and Illinois. Fly fishing is a growing area for me. I've fly-fished more since moving to TN last September than I have in the last 20 years combined. What a great place to be a river fisherman!!!

    I've been catching smallmouth on the Holston, French Broad and Little River (and some little creeks around the area). Smallies on the fly are insanely fun!

    Growing up we fished exclusively for trout in the mountain streams of Northern Colorado and the North Platte river in Wyoming. Now my quest is to learn to catch trout here in East TN. I've only started trying the last few weeks and have made a few trips to GSMNP (and got skunked - but just found out I wasn't going high enough for the summer conditions). I've also been over to the Clinch twice. Got skunked there as well - but got broken clean off by a nice fish on my 3rd or 4th cast the first time because I had missed two guides on the rod in the dark.

    Anyway - this board is a great resource and I really appreciate the willingness of its members to share their wealth of knowledge... really helps get a newbie on track!

    Technowannabe (Todd Baker)

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    Welcome to the board. It is indeed a great place for tips for fishing the smoky mountains. Also the LRO daily fishing report by Byron Begley often has good tips. not only the higher elevations are better for trout they are also better for avoiding tubers, swimmers and rock skippers. Best bet is to go early in the morning. late afternoons to evening, and rainy days to avoid being crowded.
    "Yea, though I walk through the shadow of the mountain. I will fear no trout: for thou art with me; thy fly rod and thy wading staff they comfort me."
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