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    I'll be heading west the second week of October to do some camping/fishing with a high school buddy who is now in the Air Force. We plan on spending two and a half days in the RMNP. He doesn't have any experience fishing in the park and I have no experience fishing anywhere out there so I'm looking for a little help if anyone has any they'd like to share. We'll be entering the East Side. Thanks in advance.

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    Your most valuable response will probably come from David Knapp. But I have been there twice now. It really is a lot like the Smokys in the sense that pick a stream and get in. From the Estes Park side I have had some luck with Morraine Park/Meadow area, Big Thompson up along Fern Lake Trail, and Roaring River (Lawn Lake Trail) above the Alluvial Fan, and the Meadow below the alluvial fan. Brown, brook and cutthroat. I did not get big numbers, but I was early in the year on both visits.

    Same thing on the West side, pick a stream and go.

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    The recommendations from Hoosier are good ones. I would also add the North St. Vrain in Wild Basin (just south of Estes Park on the Peak to Peak highway) to that list for good east side streams with quality fishing. If you want some specifics including some ideas for larger fish, email me and I would be more than glad to offer suggestions that way.
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    I'm sure David knows better than me since he lived out there, but here's my two cents.

    We were out there a little less than a month ago and had a couple good days. One day we parked at the Wild Basin TH and hiked to Coney Creek. Lot's of hungry cutts willing and eager to take a fly.

    Another day we started at the Glacier Gorge TH and went to the Loch and fished up towards Sky Pond, fishing was great. We never made it up that far as it was above tree line and a storm forced us to turn around, but I've heard there are some monster fish up there. The hike to get up to Sky Pond is a little perilous as you pretty much have to climb a waterfall.

    We saw some other anglers out there, don't think these places are much of a secret, but a good 3+ mile hike will get you into some good fishing.

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