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    Good afternoon all. I'm already looking to upgrade to a newer boat that will be better to guide out of. That means my old boat has to go first. The boat is an older model Clacka but is in great shape as it was completely refurbished last year before I bought it. Comes with trailer, anchor, oars, etc...everything you need to get out on the water! The only reason I'm looking at a new boat is because this one does not have a lot of storage options. That's fine if you just want to drift down the river with your friends but as a guide I need a little more room. Otherwise it is an awesome boat and I've already had it out a few times and put some nice fish in it so it comes with good mojo. If you are interested, check out the Craigslist ad and contact me that way or through the email below. Thanks!
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    Aw man - I've decided to start seriously looking early next year once I've got my cars paid off.

    BTW - I dig the "I'll also throw in a rowing lesson as well." part.

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