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Thread: First NC Brown

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    Default First NC Brown

    In an effort to do a little more fly fishing closer to home, I threw the rod in the car on a recent trip up to a buddy's house in Banner Elk, NC. Although truth be told, fishing wasn't actually the motivation to jump on the road for the weekend. It was time once again for the annual High Country Beer Fest held in Boone, NC. The main focus was obviously going to be on the 50 brewers present at this year's festival with dozens upon dozens of quality beers on hand and not so much on the fishing. However, I did manage to find a couple streams to try out after I made a full recovery...

    Much to my surprise, I actually found some fish in what was late August conditions, which happened to include hot temps and low water. The highlight for sure was not only my first small stream NC brownie but a good one at that! It definitely made the trip even better and I am really looking forward to getting back up there again some time when I can focus a little more on the fishing...

    Just a beautiful area with amazing scenery everywhere you turned...

    Best fish of the day and first NC brownie as well...

    Tight Lines,

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    That's a great way to start for your first NC brown. I'm working on my first Tennessee brown.

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    Nice stuff

    Really nice depth of field in that landscape shot
    Call me if you want to go fishing, boating, hiking, or if you want to buy a foamie

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    Now thats one nice Brown.

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