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Thread: Golden Olive Biot Midge

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    Default Golden Olive Biot Midge

    I decided to spend some time at the vise while waiting on the rain to stop this morning.

    # 16 Golden Olive Biot Midge

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    I like it I think nymphs tied with biots with the rough edge out give the impression of the gills that run along the sides of most nymphs. I might try a few without the bead head so that they would hang just below the surface to imitate the pupa stage. Let us know how it fishes
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    I like it, I tie one similar but use a smaller bead and no dubbing behind the bead. IMO midges are very streamlined and a big ball of dubbing could look unnatural to fish. I also coat my bodies with super glue so it gives them a shine as well as makes them dang near indestructible

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