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Thread: First Fish of 2015

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    Default First Fish of 2015

    It's a tradition for me to hit the SE Wisconsin spring ponds the day after New Years. Since I haven't felt a bend on the end of my fly rod since the end of October I was pretty excited about this trip. A week before I checked my gear, cleaned and gressed my lines, retied my leaders, and tied the flies I would need. I loaded all my gear in the car the night before.
    Being that we've had a pretty mild winter up here, no snow to speak of and mild temperatures I was worried about other anglers being at the ponds and getting crowded out. And since the weather was so nice I was able to go to the backyard and practice my casting.
    I pulled up to the pond and was greeted with a rather dreary but, welcoming sight.

    It was great to see that I had the whole pond to myself. I got out out of the car went to the trunk where I rigged up. From there it was down to the shore of the pond to scan for fish or fish activity but, I didn't see any. I did spot a nice opening in the weeds which is usually where the fish are in the pond.

    I made a 50' or so cast to the hole in the weeds, let the fly sink and after one strip I saw a flash and felt a sharp tug on the rod and brought this guy to hand.

    I was thinking to myself this is going to be a great day but, the sun broke through the clouds and that was only fish caught for a long time. Eventually I caught one more but, the fishing was really slow.

    Several changes of flies didn't matter so I decided to try some of my other rods to see how they would cast in this pond. The clouds began moving in and it was like ringing a dinner bell. Because all of a sudden I was catching these little brook trout one after another.

    Excuse the finger in the shot.

    Here's a few shots of the pond. You can see some ice on it.

    After awhile of catching I headed over to this pond.

    Unfortunately, nothing caught here although I did miss a huge brown because I got too excited and set the hook too early.

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    Sweet, Wisconsin is high on my bucket list, love the thought of small streams/ponds & beautiful specs.


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