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    Default Raven Fork Trip

    I'm new to the forum and I'm planning a trip for this upcoming weekend to campsite 47 for a few days of fishing. I did this same trip in early December but the river was still surrounded by snow making it nearly impossible to fish anywhere but the few pools around the campsite. I was wondering if anyone has any experience fishing the river above the campsite up to the Three Forks area and some of the small tributaries off the main river. If anyone has any advice to help me out or previous experiences fishing this river it would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are a few pictures from the trip in December.
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    With the rain that has been falling and what is forecast this upcoming week, that section is going to be gnarly. Not a good place to fish in high water. If it was me I would go when the weather is a bit more stable. Fishing is decent although it gets a fair amount of pressure close to #47. Its a long haul up to 3 Forks so make sure you start back to camp with plenty of daylight.
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    The water is WAY too high. The temperature is WAY too cold.

    This is the best online gauge for the watershed

    When I'm in the gorge below 47 I won't go in unless it's below 350 (1290 right now) and anything over 275 is pretty sketchy

    For above 47 it will start getting full around 450-500. Might get away with up to 600 if you are real careful.

    If you are dead set on 47, I'd fish Enloe, otherwise I'd look for Plan B
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    Thanks David,
    It's my spring break next week so unfortunately I don't have too many options of when I could go again until summer. I know the area is difficult terrain, which is one of the reasons I want to do this trip. I'm interested in the Raven fork because I enjoy the the hiking and remoteness as much as the fishing. Would there be any other headwaters in the park that could offer similar spec fishing and solitude?

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