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Thread: [Related News Story]: California Dam Struggling to Spill Excess Water

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    Post [Related News Story]: California Dam Struggling to Spill Excess Water

    [Related News Story]: Oroville Dam, California Struggling to Spill Excess Water

    I found this interesting!
    Fears Over Oroville Dam Spillway Grow As Hole Gets Larger

    There have been some serious blunders from the water bureau in addressing this problem.

    • I cannot imagine they could have foreseen the erosion of the spillway...but, water does cause friction and having a steel spill tube is a good backup.
    • Released water level in the retention pool lowers the amount of CFS the dam's generators can handle. Did they not ever think about this?

    Some of these issues seem trivial to me when these people get paid a very good salary to be pro-active and thorough at their jobs. We should expect more of people in charge of large scale dams and infrastructure projects. We need to keep funding available for inspection, maintenance, and repairs. Also; we need to ensure the business culture of these authorities does not become stagnant.

    I will be very surprised if this dam does not fail. My prayers go out to Sacramento...

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    Holy Moly that don't look good.
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