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Thread: JoeFred Maps?

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    Default JoeFred Maps?

    Anyone know where to get JoeFred Maps at? Seems all the links I find are broken.


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    Might have better luck on their website. Google gave me this address

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    Thank you, BassAssassin & 77punk. The site is finally up and running. I have missed the Forum greatly... and fishing. More about my WNC and NGA stream visits a bit latter. I would appreciate all just browsing the site (for example the Index of Featured Streams by State & County), but in particular I want you to consider downloading two of the new maps, J10-11 & J12-13, which show a portion of the area affected by the Chimney Tops Fire of 2016. There you will see how to join me in donating to a recovery fund and getting in the deal a couple of purty daggone good maps... IMHO. If you'd like to contribute more, let me suggest you visit Mountain Tough Recovery Team. It is referred to on the site Dollywood Foundation: My People Fund.

    “Joe” Fred Turner

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