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Thread: TRO Finesse Series Rods

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    I have fished an Orvis Trout Bum and enjoy it very much. I understand that the new Finesse Series has many of the same qualities. Some say the price makes its a better rod Has anyone tried them, is there any significant differences between the two that gives one an advantage for fishing in the streams in the GSMNP.

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    If you like a slower action rod, you can still buy American made at a reasonable price with the St Croix imperials that are now on sale at LRO or try the Scott v2's. Just my 2cts.


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    I am wondering the exact same thing because i also own a superfine (the Brook Trout) and would love to own another full flex rod. Yet, i do own a TFO rod and it is a great rod, but i fish the smokies often and would have to say the only difference that would make them better than an Orvis Superfine for the smokies is the price difference.

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