I was wondering if many of you tie midge patterns for the winters in the Smokies and what type of patterns you use? I noticed several very small (maybe size 26 or smaller) cream and olive midges in the air this last weekend. I tie a few basic patterns like a griffith's gnat, stillborn midge, A.K. midge emergers and several colors of thread midge pupa and larva. From what I can tell, midge fishing is probably a little bit of overkill for fishing in the small streams up there as the fish seem to hit size 12 hare's ears with reckless abandon, but I get some enjoyment out of catching fish on what I see in the air and on the water around the streams. The problem is that I couldn't get a single fish to look at any of my midge patterns even with all the bugs in the air. I think my flies may have been a bit too large. I used down to a size 24 with no luck. So far, that's as small as I tie. Also, a midge might not be a big enough bite to justify moving to eat one this time of year. I tried them mostly in the long, slow moving pools. Just wondering if anyone else has had any luck with midge patterns or had any advice on patterns to tie for either the Smokies or the area tailwaters,