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    Hey Byron, happened to be planning a trip to the mountains and was checking out your web page when I found your new message board. I am going to read the posts, and I really look forward to this source of information. I will be attending a seminar in Gatlinburg over the President's Day Weekend. I would be willing to skip out at least half of a day and get a little fishing in. Any suggestions? Whether the fishing is good or not, I will drop by your shop to say hello.
    Clifton Jr.

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    I would try the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River around, or just upstream of the Sugarlands Visitor Center. That is the closest place to Gatlinburg to fish. You can access the stream by taking the "Quiet Walkways" on the left side of the New Found Gap Road as you head up the mountain.
    Hopefully, that late in February, the weather will have warmed up and the Quill Gordons might be hatching. If so, bring your #10 and #12 dry flies. Wet fly patterns work well during that hatch also.


    p.s. Byron says Hi and to tell your mom and dad Hi too.

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