Per their deacons their insurance company said no to allowing access, they where looking at changing insurances companies. The last I talked to them the insurance companies they talked to where saying no and as was their current company where wanting a fence built to cut off access to the river for liability issues. I have not seen the two I know as ones wife has cancer and the other has not been around the past year. The deacons of the church did hope that something could be worked out, as they have no problems with fishing and most fishermen. *When I find out more I will post it. There is a path to the river directly behind the jail (slightly upstream), up river is private property and most do not allow access and none allow it without permission. I hope this is plain enough.

The church at one time had wanted to build a fishermanís parking lot at the upper end of their property. The last I talked to if they found an insurance company that allows access that provision is up in the air. It seems some drinking and pot parties have occurred on their property and the people where very loud while they where having some church related outdoor activities there. Peoples attitudes and lack of respect is going to hurt the chances as well.

The former landowner Mr. Underwood ignored tresspassing when you went by the OLD No Trespassing sign as long as you staid on the fishermanís path next to the river

Talked to a former deputy who is running for sheriff the other day and I asked about the jail access, he told me current policy when he left to run 8 months ago was to publicly say they allow access, but to fill the parking with cars to limit as they really do not like it. Liquor, beer and other banned substances has been left in the dumpster for inmates who are allowed out for some exercise, as well as trustees who take the trash out. *