Your last post is pretty clear. But if no landowners are allowing access, then what's all this about being courteous to them -- how would you even get the chance? Your earlier posts indicated that "polite is key", insinuating that access is done on a case by case basis. I hoped this was the case, because at least one would have a fighting chance. That's where I got sidetracked. At least it's settled now.

BTW, telling most of us to be courteous is like reminding us to breathe.

The development scenario is not one where landowners sell directly to the resident-buyers but to local developers who then sell to residents. A large part of the demand would be driven by out-of-state retirees. Hope I'm wrong. But if there's no access now, the point is moot.

If we ever find out that someone's sold out to Yankees, me and the boys will take care of it.