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Thread: Hi LRO

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    Default Hi LRO

    I'm not new to GSMNP or to LRO but I am new to this board. I'm looking forward to reading up on the various topics as time allows. My family and I make about 3-4 trips to the NP each year and stay near Townsend to be near great fishing and a great flyshop (LRO), btw, I tell my wife we stay in Townsend because it is less crowded and much more peaceful, I don't think she quite buys my "story" cause she knows how much I love to flyfish and she knows my favorite spot to shop and hang out is there at LRO but it makes me feel better anyway! Keep up the great work that you do and remember that you are making a difference in many peoples lives. Hope to see you soon!
    I've spent most of my life fly fishing. The rest of it I wasted!

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    out4trout, Thank you for saying that. We all here at LRO appreciate your comments. People like you, our customers and friends make a big difference in our lives too. That's why we like our job here. Welcome to the board and site and I look forward to your posts. Byron

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