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    I have just enrolled in this forum, and just wanted to say good morning to fellow fly fishermen. *I have traded with Little River ever since it was in the former location. *Usually I fish either the "Y" (if it is not destroyed by rafters) or the West Prong. *Occasionally, I actually catch a fish. *More often I lose flies or fall into the water, scattering any trout present. *Being of somewhat "advanced age," I am tempted to learn to tie flies. *Is the late seventies too old to begin to learn?

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    tenn, welcome to the board and site. I don't think late 70's is to old to tie flies, Lefty Kreh is 82. As far as learning goes, I'll be glad to walk you through some steps and you can decide. It is a lot of fun, almost as much fun as fishing to me. Byron

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