wondering if anyone has tried the little,light,sage rod--think it goes by TCX--or something like that-- it goes from 4wt to 00? it looks to be blondish-green--med fast--7ft and 7'10"--just right for The Smokies--i like sage rods even if they are pricey--they are made in USA and have a nice finish--have owned 1--was stolen out of my truck--while fishing the middle prong,Tremont--a bleak,bad summer day--donated my fav rod to someone of a low life nature--was zeroed in on by a copperhead so big that it probably wouldn't strike at you,not this big boy,he seemed to be the type to drag you off for afternoon snack---casting was terrible--could not relax--had a couple hits on ants--no fish to show for it--rain,rain,rain.
Noticed Bass Pro Shops opened a super store on I-40 across from pig.For. exit--They want it all I suppose--and they are eyeing the fly fishing market as a dandy niche to unload lots of imported fishing tackle on lots of tourists hoping to disrupt the trade established by the real fly shops in the Smokies area--I dislike these "superstores".