We came down a day early before the advanced tying class held on Saturday and decided to fish the Middle Prong. We got started at noon but that was a bit early, probably about 1 or so is early enough. We did not really get bit till about 2 or 2:30. We ended up with landing 8 rainbows and about 5 LDR'S. All were caught on a size 14 hot prince and a size 16 pheasant tail nymph (no B.H.) I tried a couple of small dries but no luck, went to the nymphs. My fishing buddy got 6 of the 8 we landed on the hot prince. 3 of his were 10 inchs or better. All of the others were 5 to 7 inchs. Perfect day, great weather. Also the tying class was super. LRO puts on a first class school. I recommend it if you want to improve your tying knowledge and skills. (The water temp was 40 to 41 on Friday. ) * * * * * * *H.T.