I will be travelling with a small group of friends to Yellowstone this year in late July/early August. It will be a week long trip. Most of the time will be spent fly fishing, but we plan to take a day to do some sight seeing as none of us has ever been there. I'm very excited about the trip. Yellowstone has always been the ultimate fly fishing destination in my mind. We are well read on the streams, regulations, bears, lake trout, whirling disease, etc (I own the books by Mathews/Molinero, Richard Parks, and Ken Retallic). We plan to hit several of the famous streams and lakes more or less to get a feel for things so we'll be better prepared for future trips. We'll be camping roadside most of the trip. Any body have any general advice for our trip (flies that are must haves, streams to definitely hit/avoid, things to look out for, etc.)? Or does anyone an interesting story to tell about Yellowstone? Any reminiscing? Thanks a lot for any advice or stories,