I enjoy the taste of trout. Therefore I will keep some. I practice catch and release 99% of the time. But I have been known to keep a few and take them home to smoke them. Or if I am out camping or backpacking I will keep a couple then. I have released all trophy size fish I have caught, and I don't eat Browns.

I think catching of trout, cleaning of trout and knowing how to prepare trout can be good life lessons. A survival skill if you will. it is also a good reminder how we are all part of a large food chain in this world.

In the end, it is all about personal preference.

As far as bacteria and acidity of water. Who knows. Where does the water come from that your farm raised trout live in? Most hatcheries I have seen are off chutes and use the same stream water of a near by creek. They say not to eat a lot of fish out of our lakes. But I have known old timers that have been eating catfish and other critters all of their lives out of those lakes and rivers. They are in better shape than a lot of people whom supposedly eat a more healthy diet.

I will eat a wild trout over a store stocker any day. The meat is better overall. Looks better, has a better consistency, and is pink. A trout that has been fed trout chow all of its life tastes like trout chow, to me.

Petey 8-)