Rock Hopper's topic "Biggest Trout to Hand in the Park" in Smoky Mountain Fishing got me thinking about this... my biggest local trout was downstream from the park... WAY downstream... and I can't wait to see you guys best this story with your own odd catches. If you can somehow tie the story in with flyfishing, or trout, or at least a stream that might have had a trout in it at some point, so much the better (but a good story is a good story).

I was crappie fishing below the dam in Rockford when I got an odd strike. Something slurped up my minnow and slowly dropped back to deeper water despite my little spinning reel's futile attempt to turn it. (Ok, yeah, it was a live minnow on an Eagle Claw hook, with a bobber, on 2 1/2 lb monofilament and an ultralight spinning outfit, BUT I WAS CRAPPIE FISHING, OK?) The fish realized it was hooked and took off downstream, stripping line like I'd snagged a bass boat. Somehow Erik Ogle, my hero, switched from the stern seat to the bow as I ran down the center of the little boat on cooler tops, and he gunned the trolling motor in pursuit. Shouts of, "Largemouth?" "Drum?" "Carp?" "Record Book Smallmouth?" filled the air above the water. A few minutes later, he reached over the side to net my catch, then sat up in disbelief (and empty-handed, I might add). "You'll never believe this," he said.

Then he reached back into the Little River, in the muddy water below the dam at Roddy Branch, and pulled out a 23 1/2" 4 lb 15 oz rainbow trout, with a stripe pale as pink moonlight.