We fished the shoals on the MO and the fish were definately on the reds. They would move to the fly for no rhyme or reason, I think maybe just to kill it. We fished to the males (though one of the fish pictured is a hen) they called that "knocking the lady off the bar stool" and the bucks leave when she gets caught. If we tailed hooked any fish we would break them off. I noticed some guys would lift the rod as it drift through the bucks, obviously attempting to snag them. We were there the 3rd week of October which was maybe alittle late but there were alot of fish still at it. In two days of fishing for kings we all landed 8-10 fish a piece and lost 4-5 times that many. Just lucky (with the timing) and good weather.We used small flies. Green bodied caddis wetlfy Size 10 or 8. Black Stone (bh) size 8, Spring wiggler size 8, 10. Heavy hooks, Flourocarbon tippets 12 or 16 lb. They will move for the fly though. I would bet some sort of a sculpin would really agitate them as well, but did not try it.
For the steelies; we used oregon cheese estaz eggs, something else might have worked better, but we trusted the guides judgement. Steelhead run later after the first of November as I recall. Any other questions let me know. Steelhead were in the deep runs or behind current breaks, sometimes below the salmon redds.