I was looking into getting my fishing license for my trip next month and I was shocked at the regulations and prices in Tennessee. After a little research it seems they are the most stringent and costly around. 13-15 year olds need a "Junior' license $9.00. Most states under 16 are exempt. An annual adult license, since hopefully more than one trip annually would be made to this wonderful destination, runs $81.00. I guess they don't get enough of my money in taxes from my visit. Here's the question. If I only fish in the park, which states you must have a valid TN or NC fishing license, why wouldn't I go for the NC annual license of $30.00 plus $10.00 trout fee? Looks like Tennessee needs to do a lot of work on their fees if they are hoping to draw non-resident fisherman to the state. Maybe I should stay and eat in NC too. :P Or just go to Arkansas.