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Thread: Joe Humphreys tonight on OLN TV

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    Default Joe Humphreys tonight on OLN TV

    I am a new 'board member' here and have never posted on any board before, so I hope that I do this right. I have been a frequent reader of this and the old board and I really appreciate all Byron and Daniel's work on this site. I am also a huge LRO fan.

    I am also a big Joe Humphreys fan and I just saw that he will be fishing for giant browns at night on the White River on "Fly Fishing America" on OLN TV tonight at 10:30. It will also be rebroadcast @ 2AM on 2/25/06 and 8:30 AM on 2/27/06.

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    Default Re: Joe Humphreys tonight on OLN TV

    Kpaluso, Thank you for the encouraging words and welcome to the new board and site. I'm a big fan of Joe too and I consider it an honor to work with him and be a friend. I talked to him a week after they filmed this show. I won't ruin it by telling you what he told me but you should watch it. Thanks again for your support.


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