With the weather so nice, I decided to head out and fish today. They finally shut down the turbines on the Hiwassee so I headed over there. I got on the water around noon and things did not start very well in the catching department. I saw another guy that was just hauling 'em in one after the other so I knew that I should be catching some. I went up the river to just below the powerhouse and hit a good hatch of brown stoneflies. There were a lot of fish rising but still no hookups. I finally tied on an EHC and got a fish on the first or second cast. I missed a few more fish, probably because I'm a little rusty from the winter
They turned on one turbine for an hour so I moved downstream aways. I finally started figuring out what the fish wanted and the rest of the day was easy. I caught fish on wetflies swung downstream before the pulse caught up with me and drove me back upstream. I went back below the powerhouse and the stoneflies were still there. I tied on a zebra midge for a dropper below the EHC. I caught a bunch of fish that way, most were hitting the dry. Finally, I headed back down the river and found a great midge hatch. The fish were taking the zebra midge on every cast for awhile. I lost count of all the fish I caught. Someone with the river dialed in a little better probably could have caught 75 fish at least. In the late afternoon, the fish started keying on emerger or adult midges. I didn't have any patterns small enough so I finally called it a day. The Hiwassee is fishing REALLY well right now. If you have time and they aren't generating, definately give it a try.