Finally! I'm headed towards the Park and will have a chance to fish this weekend. I'm attending the Carson Newman football clinic and will be staying in Pigeon Forge at some Holiday Inn (no I'm not a fishing guide, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night*grin*). What will be the closest trout water to me- going through Townsend to get over towards the "Y" and fish or should I go back through Gatlinburg and try to get to Little River or the Pigeon River. I'll be limited on my time and want to make it count!!! I figured the lower elevation streams might do better with the temperature.

I may drag the wife up there late Thursday night and stay somewhere cheap towards Townsend if someone has a cheap hotel suggestion. My favorite it the "Golden Eagle" over in Cherokee but we won't be coming in from that direction. That would give me the opportunity to fish a good bit on Friday.

Also, any fly suggestions? I'll tie up a few but I always need an excuse to go by Little River Outfitters or Old Smoky Outfitters in Gatlinburg.

Thanks for the help-