Hey this is Phil here, I was wondering if I could get some info from you expierenced anglers. *I love hiking and have a book and the nickname of this book is called the Hiker's Bible, it very helpful in knowing the trails and what the trail consist of, the only thing it lacks is distinct locations of all the good fishing holes in the smokies, NOW THAT IS DISTURBING ! *MY QUESTION to you is, what book out there would be considered the Fly fishing bible, that will tell you all the good fishing holes in the smokies ( maybe even a story behind the hole ) and possibly some other holes around this area ( East Tennessee ). *I guess what I'm looking for is more based on the smokey mountains. *This is where my heart is ! *So I would appreciate any help, and sure others would appreciate your input as well. *
By the way, God first then fishing, don't take the Flyfishing bible literally
God bless, and thanx again PHIL