I'm on spring break finally and didn't have to do homework today, so with the good generation schedule predicted for the day, I decided to head down to the Hiwassee again. *I got a late start and didn't get on the water until about 1:00 pm. *However, as soon as I arrived, I saw lots of rising fish and realized that it would be another good day. *I tied a new stonefly dry pattern last night that I wanted to try so I tied it on with my usual Zebra midge dropper. *I was into fish within just a few minutes. *I worked my way up the river to a hole that I had not tried before and found lots of brown stones hatching. *Fish were rising fairly steadily to the bugs but I thought that they were taking emergers instead of adult dries so I cut off the midge and tied on a copper and partridge softhackle. *The fish readily approved by jumping all over the softhackle dropper. *Here are a couple of the fish that hit it.

Later in the day, I decided to run up near the powerhouse and see what was happening there. *I was nymphing in some pocketwater just below the powerhouse when this little guy hit
It was the only brown that I was able to catch today. *I stayed until well after a great sunset

and was absolutely tearing them up on the brown stone dry and a midge dropper. *If you go to fish the Hiwassee, don't leave too early. *There were only a few people around when I left but the best rise of the day was right around sunset to about 20 or 30 minutes after. *As I was fishing the last 20 minutes or so, an older gentleman pulled off by my car and got out to fish. *Since it was the best thing going, I invited him to just come on and fish the same hole. *He did and it made the evening even better. *We experienced multiple doubles as the fish were just going crazy. *Another average day size-wise with nothing exceptional to brag about, but overall it was another great day on a fun river.

David Knapp