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Thread: Humbled by mountain trout

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    I was able to make it up to the Smokies to fish today. The weather was really nice but some cloudiness limited the amount of sun that made it through to warm the water. I stopped by LRO to grab a few things and hit the water around noon. Right away I spotted a Quill Gordon and several Blue Quills. I saw a couple of fish rising in a couple of the first pools I tried on the Middle Prong but couldn't hook up with any. I moved over to Little River a little below Metcalf Bottoms and tied on a parachute adams with a #18 copper john for a dropper. I fished hard for awhile and managed to catch a couple of fish, both on the dropper. I REALLY wanted to catch fish on dries but only had a couple of hits on the para adams. There were a lot of brown stones hatching but not a lot of surface activity from the fish. I drove further up to near Elkmont and saw some nice browns, but again couldn't entice them. I finished the day over at Tremont again and gave in and fished a double nymph rig and was immediately into fish. I fished a prince with the copper john still as the dropper and the fish hit each, although probably the prince a little more. There were lots of Blue Quills on the Middle Prong but again, only a few risers. I managed probably another 8 or 10 fish before calling it a day. Here is one of the small 'bows I caught today.
    I've gotta say, I've really been spoiled fishin' the tailwaters. It was good to get up to the Smokies where each fish takes some effort to catch. The fish are starting to eat well but the fishing hasn't become easy yet. I didn't catch a bunch like on a tailwater but there is just something amazing about catching wild fish in the mountain streams!!!

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    I respect your honesty and humility. I've fished (and guided) in the GSMNP for a number of years and still manage to get "schooled" on a regular basis. Helps me keep fishing and catching in proper perspective- specifically that I'm in their habitat.

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    Great report. I get schooled up there more often than I smoke em that's for sure. You aren't alone. - - The Internet's Only "Fishertainment" Website

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