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    i have no idea if i'm in the right spot or just sending words into cyberspace. but just in case i'm in the little river outfitters message board site i will leave a message. stopped by the store today to get advise and buy some flys. trying to decide wether to fish the little river in the park or in town. i think they stocked in townsend so i know brooks and i could probably catch some fish if we fished in town. but the idea of catching rising fish,native wild trout, on quill gordons or blue quills, was intriguing . paula said she got goose bumps just talking about big quill hatches in the park. (goose bumps on paula, byron you lucky dog, i'm heading for the hills). the only question was the water temp and the flys. so i bought a thermometer and some blus quills and along with my fishing buddy we headed off to metcalf bottoms through weirs valley. met chris at the picnic area who told us the hatching was close with a few blue quills coming off. so we headed down river and found a spot. didn't see any bugs(the untrained eye) so decided to nymph. daniel at the store suggested a thing called renegade or some such thing that looked like a gold ribbed hares ear, since i already had a supply of georges and braebunr tellicos. while brooks headed upstream i went down. trying to be stealthy i crossed the river to fish a section from the other side. sitting on a big rock at the head of a long pool of somewhat swift 4-6 foot deep water i proceeded to cast against the wind. the 7/11 4# orvis superfine which the staff at little rivers helped me select last year, cudos to clint ,annette and paula, was easily up to the task and provided ample backcasting protection. is this a message or short story? anyway, after a couple of 20 ft cast up river into whitwater with long drifts into the pool i felt the adrenaline producing tap tap on the line. now i was psyched. the next pass produced a catch, a gorgeous 6" rainbow. there are fish in the little river in the park! so lets try it again. a few passes later and tap tap bang ! this time a beautiful brookie i suspect, the singular orange spots along the side? well this is easy. so i move further down the side of the pool . the second or third cast and bang, this is a big fish,i see him rise in the middle of the pool silver sides flashing and i'm just praying he doesn't break my 7x leader (i fish the clinch a lot). well to make a long story short, i landed him, pictured him and released him. i finished fishing that pool with no further interuptions of my fishing high. oh by the way it was a rainbow of probably 12 inches or so but the best fish i have ever caught in such a beautiful setting in such pristine water. so we met back at the car and went downstream looking for water similar to that which had produced the fish. there were many . i fished another 1/2 mile of good river with the ocaasional tap tap but no catching. so at 415 pm i'm looking for a sunny rock on which to sit and smoke a fine cigar and contemplate my good fortune today and in all my life. i find a spot towards the edge of a broad shallow pool that i nymphed pretty well before i sat . the sun is shinning, air temp must be 60-70 degrees, water temp is 50degrees as my new thermometer attests, but it read 50 degrees ever time i 've used it today so i wounder if Byron has been selling fixed thermometers? here i sit in warm early spring sunshine, watching a few flys rise, as they have all afternoon,probably blue quills , #14 by my guess, light colored wings--(am i learning?)-- but nothing heavy-- they"ll wait till this weekend when i have to work,enjoying the first complex tastes of my dominican when, looking across the pool i see the green form of a trout porpoising to take a fly. not yet, this is a 45 minute smoke. well today its a half hour smoke then i"m throwing that blue quill #14 towards the spot...........I'll be back, i know where you live!......thanks to Little River Outfitters, Byron, Paula, all the friendly staff, teachers and friends for promoting and protecting the diversity of life in the Smokies.

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    Great story. And thank you for your very kind words about the folks here at LRO. You had a wonderful day. It's people like you who make this sport so much fun and interesting. I've ordered some 55, 60, 65 and 70 degree thermometers but they haven't arrived yet. I think they got tied up in Customs.

    See you buddy,


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