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Thread: Just a couple of easy questions. HI Paula & Byron

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    Default Just a couple of easy questions. HI Paula & Byron

    I have been to the Mountains many times as a matter of fact they call to me very often, as of right now they are screaming at me! I bring my family and have a great time. Most of the time I fish easy to get to areas so I can keep an eye on things or hang out at LRO till they run me out. With the price of the license going to Mars I'm thinking of more in the park, this has been coming for a while.
    *question 1: I have a 8'6" 5wt. and a 8' 4wt. im6 which will do he best in the park areas.
    *question 2: How long and light is the leaders?
    *question 3: What weight material do you use for the butt section?
    Thats all I have for now.
    Bob *
    Don't make fun of my hat!

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    Default Re: Just a couple of easy questions. HI Paula & By

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