I have fished the Clinch three times in the past month and it never fails, every time around 3:30pm the fish start hitting! I think it is still alittle slow but yesterday 3/17/06 the fish were active ! I was fishing at the small dam on the clinch river and was out there early, didn't catch anything until around 3 and then it pick up at 4. I was fishing with Zebra Nymphs and Midges and they were doing great. I strung my leader with a midge and then 7 inches farther down with a Zebra , not the usual but it worked very well. I ended up catching 7 in one hour. I switched to a dry to see if they would take it and they attacked it. Dries are starting to work ! Get excited fishermen , the season is here, I wish you all the best and God's Love and blessings to you, PHIL