Just got home from Gatlinburg today and wanted to post on the excellent week of fishing we had. Thanks to Little River Outfitters for hooking me up with an excellent assortment of flies and I really like the new wading boots. I believe the boots are made from a local company and I like them much better than my old Orvis and Simms boots.

Fished Wednesday and Thursday below Metcalf Bottoms and landed about 10-15 rainbows each day. Not many risers on Wednesday and Thursday so I fished droppers behind a dry that most of the fish were caught on. Did manage a couple dry fly catches (Quill Gordon) around 1:00 - 1:30 each day.

Friday and Saturday were spent on the Greenbriar with about 30 landed each day. Mainly caught rainbows on the Greenbiar but did manage to pull in several nice browns. Probably missed another 100 fish on the Greenbriar that seemed to be slapping at the dry flies. I guess they were trying to stun the fly before taking. No need for droppers as the fish were consistently rising all day from about 11:15 - 4:00. Mainly used Quill Gordon, Stimulator & Parachute Adams. Each day had a nice Quill Gordon hatch around 1:00 - 1:30. At least my untrained eye thinks they were Quill Gordons and the fish seemed to agree. Missed a monster brown using a larger stimulator but just three casts later I caught another 12-13 inch brown in the same spot.

Amazing trip! Can't wait until next year! It just gets better every year!