There are a couple of us coming up from Auburn to fish the Little river area of the park next week. It always seems to be hit or miss on planning for the weather in advance but I am trying to get prepared for the worst and hope for better.
That said do any of yall have any suggestions on fishing in the rain (other than not to fish in the rain.) I was wondering mainly as to what fly selections and is there any difference in how you approach a stream. It seems like every year we are up there for spring break it rains constantly, and I'm determined not to let a little foul weather ruin our trip. I'm not saying we plan on fishing through thunderstorms or anything, but more like the typical smoky mountain drizzle. When water levels are up is it not better to fish smaller streams?
Would general nymph patterns, like phesant tail, prince, Hares ear, and cooper johns work in the rain, or is there something else I should work on tying?

Just looking for some opinions from people who would know. This will be our second year to fish S.B. in the smokies and I was looking to hopefully have better luck this year.