I didn't have any classes today so I slept in and when I woke up, the generation schedule still was looking good on the Hiwassee so I decided to head over there for a few hours. I really should have been studying for some tests coming up but fishing is much more fun ! Anyway, I stopped and grabbed some food and then got on the river around 1:00 pm. I started up near the powerhouse and was feeling lazy so I used a bhpt under an indicator. I missed several hard strikes right away before I finally hooked the first fish of the day, a 10 or 11 inch rainbow. I started seeing some CADDIS!!! flying around and saw a few rises. This is exciting because this was the first time I saw any this year. Anyway, I headed down the river and started fishing the pocketwater and short runs in one of the shoals with an EHC and was into several fish right away. The fish are consistently rising to larger stuff now. I noticed that in addition to some caddis, there were quite a few mayflies out and about as well. These ranged in size from probably a #22 or smaller up to a few large ones around probably a #12 or #14. The smaller ones were grey to dun colored and the larger ones were lighter, often causing me to mistake them for the caddis.

Maybe someone else can help identify the specific mayflies that are on the water right now?

Overall it was a great day. I caught fish on the bhpt, a #16 tan EHC, zebra midges, a GRHE, and a wooduck and peacock softhackle. The best hatches probably started around 2 in the afternoon. The fish are hungry and rising quite willingly! This is definately a good time to be on this river...

David Knapp