Hey Vern!!
The CRAZY "Lumpers and Splitters" of the Plant World are responsible for my fishing in the Smokies. I had a class in Systematic Botany in 1969 at Grand Valley State in Michigan. *The Prof's organized a joint 5 day field trip to GSMNP for us Yankee Hippies. We camped in Elkmont and I was amazed that were trout streams with fly hatches in late April and you COULD EVEN FISH ALL YEAR *around.(Pre Salmon and Steelhead) Trout season in Mich wasn't open yet. When we left I told my "soon to be wife" I'd come back someday.

I spent most of the next summer going "bug eyed" in the herbrium keying Lichens and Bryophytes. I switched to Ichthyology and Limnology immediately after -More fun-Graduated and headed toward Grad school at UT but didn't get quite that far.