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Thread: Big Lost Creek

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    Default Big Lost Creek

    Anybody have any information on fishing Big Lost Creek around the Cleveland, TN area? I would appreciate any info, comments, warnings, wishes or anecdotes that anyone has to offer.
    Chris McCarthy

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    The lower end, where it joins the Hiwassee River is private property, but you can access the creek via a new hiking trail, the Benton Mackaye Trail (maps at, that bypasses it and covers pretty much the whole drainage.

    Or there's also a USFS car campground about 3 miles upstream from the river that can be accessed from a forest road that turns off Hwy 30 a mile or so south of Reliance.

    Back in the 70s and 80s you could always catch trout in there. *It was good enough that the Chattanoooga TU chapter annually planted trout eggs in the upper part, above the campground, each winter.

    Not any more, though. *It gets too low and warm in August. *The trout are gone; however, you can still have fun with the small-mouth and bream.

    Besides that, it's a beautiful creek and makes for a nice day hike, especially in April/May when the wildflowers come out.


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